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We model the constructed environment. The foundation of our company is the as-built documentation of the constructed environment and the innovative utilization of the produced information in our clients’ real estate business. Our products provide both the owners and tenants valuable information about the real estate. You will know what you own: there are multiple benefits to both the owner and the tenant, including the additional square meters we find while measuring the real estate, modern real estate maintenance, and the efficient and speedy carrying out of various planning processes.

For both property owners and tenants, the utilization of the documentation in various applications on the Internet and in many new mediums opens new doors to real estate transactions and future business, among others. In addition, Internet-based, open information architectures ensure the compatibility and applicability of the documentation in the future.

Osmo Sillman, father of architects Mikael and Jonas Sillman, founded an architecture firm in 1961. Sillman Digital Oy was founded in 2004 to make use of the opportunities and serve the needs of the future. Sillman Digital Oy later became Sillman Management. Sillman Arkkitehtitoimisto Oy still remains active.


Our mission is to provide our clients the tools for a more efficient management and utilization of their assets and investments. We aim to help our clients succeed in their field by doing our own job as well and as innovatively as possible.We abide by this mission diligently as we work to reach our goal – global leadership in the market for modeling the constructed environment, surveying and the distribution and utilization of the produced information.Sillman’s activity is strongly based on its guiding values. A pleased customer, openness in all our activity, professional quality and innovation provide the framework by which we operate.

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